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Note Beginner Form

JKP Holdings Beginner Form ...
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JKP Beginner Note Investor Course / Series

Note Investing can be difficult to understand but learning the basics is the first step in going from a Beginner ...
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Understanding Tape headers and Bid Calculator Items

You asked, we answered with this list. We are constantly asked what goes into the creation of a Bid Calculator ...
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13 Indicative Offer Items

What is an Indicative Offer when Buying a Note? An Indicative Offer is when an investor places a bid on ...
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NDA Request: Notes For Sale

We have Performing Notes and Non-Performing Notes for sale. Please fill out the following verification form to request access to ...
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JKP Note Investing Investment Community


JKP Holdings holds free and paid webinars covering all areas of note investing as well information regarding state of the ...
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Consulting – 1 on 1 Note Investing Guidance

Real Estate Mortgage Note Investing Consulting Are you looking for help or do you have questions regarding a situation with ...
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