Note Investing Consult for Private Equity Fund | JKP Holdings LLC

Who and What is JKP Holdings LLC

JKP Holdings LLC is a Private Equity fund, based out of Jackson, NJ,  with a primary focus in residential defaulted mortgage notes nationwide.  Our portfolio consists of non-performing and performing mortgages with a desire to achieve a win-win scenario by keep homeowners in their home and a goal of achieving strong returns.  We purchase these assets through our vast contacts at banks, hedge funds and seller finance lenders.  We pride ourselves on respect and providing assistance to our lenders, partners, business associates, teammates and borrowers.  JKP Holdings also provide Tools, Resources and Due Diligence for Note Investors to help them with their Note Investing journey.

David Putz, Managing Member has been an active Real Estate Investor since 2010.  Has worked with rentals, fix & flip and with a large private equity fund where he completed the property valuations due diligence on properties.  At this time Mr. Putz runs JKP Holdings where he evaluates, controls deal flow and raises funds for the purchase of mortgage notes nationwide.