Are you looking for help or do you have questions regarding a situation with a note? Do you simply need a second pair of eyes on a deal? Schedule a consulting session with JKP Holdings.


Dave Putz gives his thoughts and recommendations regarding different topics surrounding:
1)  Advice on difficult note deals.
2) Note Due diligence
3) Services around the note space
4) Spreadsheet assistance
5) Automation

For Screen Sharing:  

You get the ability to work one-on-one with Dave Putz where you can share your screen and dive into the issue or question.  

For Phone Call:  

You will get a call with Dave where you will walk through the situation and allow Dave to work alongside of you to walk through the question or issue.


*Dave’s advice is only his opinion. Dave is not responsible for outcomes that come from the advice. Dave will not tell you if a deal is good or bad. Dave will not provide private confidential information nor any proprietary JKP Holdings tools.


$60 – $120

Each session/slot consists of 30 minutes.

Phone Call $60 Screen Sharing $120


I am a new note investor. When I had a doubt about one note during due diligence and looked at JKP portal- saw they give note consulting- I right away seek for help and Dave went through whole thing with me and gave his honest assessment.

Through my consultation for a few minutes- he asked for whole details about the note and did long research on it the day before. I really appreciate Dave's honest answer and recommend if anyone has any doubt they can seek consultation from him.


Hi David, just wanted to reach back out after our consulting session and thank you again for the guidance and wisdom you've shared with me with your vast experience in the note investing space.

I have a few seller financing carry-back mortgage experiences, but I am certainly new and looking to gain more knowledge in purchasing distressed non-performing 1sts and 2nd mortgage notes and our consulting conversation helped me a lot today to have someone with so much experience in the due diligence process and helped take some fear out of taking the step to move forward with a new purchase of non performing assets. I will certainly be reaching out again in the near future, and I'm sure multiple times, as I move forward to workout resolutions on these. Appreciate all the help and guidance!


JKP Consulting service is reliable, competent advice in a world of misinformation. I contacted the JKP consulting team and was able to get an appointment the same day to discuss my deal. We covered due diligence pitfalls, exit strategies and I was given local investing team contacts to discuss in-person collateral review.

After our consulting conversation, I felt at ease with my own value assessment and was able to move forward with the next phase with confidence. I recommend JKP consulting to anyone needing help with deal review.