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What is a Landlord?

One of the latest trends among young entrepreneur is buying a home, and flipping it as a rental
property. This means buying a home or duplex, renovating it and then renting it out for a
monthly rent check. This is a great way to increase your monthly cashflow. However being a
landlord is not all it’s cracked up to be. The amount of money and time spent on a rental flip can
be overwhelming. Dealing with contractors, repairmen, and not to mention the additional cost for
renovating and maintaining.

With all these hurdles you have to jump through, some investors ask themselves is being a
landlord worth it? A landlord is constantly dealing with the 3 T’s, Tenants, Toilets, Trash. Being a
landlord is not an easy job. You will constantly be dealing with pestering tenants that bug you for
the smallest things, or fixing the nasty plumbing issue, and worst of them all, not getting paid on
time. So the question you maybe asking yourself is “ how can I have the benefits of being a
landlord with non of the headaches?”

Well… You’re in luck!

What is a Lienlord?

Being a lienlord is much more beneficial than being a landlord. So what is a lienlord? The term
“lienlord” refers to a person who owns a mortgage note. The borrower (homeowner) is liable to
make their payments to the lienlord. In laymen terms, the lienlord is now the bank. This is a
great opportunity for passive real-estate investments. Gone are the days of going to the
property to fix plumbing and other small issues. Or dealing with tenants who are a pain in the
neck. The most significant benefit is you don’t have to worry about expense of the property. You
just get to sit back and collect your money. This leaves you more time to scale your investments
for other properties.

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