Welcome to our Note Investing Training series. 

JKP is not looking to become a “guru” but instead we want to share our note investing experience with other note investors through a video training series. We have over 10 years of experience in Note Investing and have noticed in recent years a large number of investors, who have had education, are still uncovering gaps within their costly education. Please join us to learn more about our beginner video series and how it can help you. 

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A Few of the topics we cover

  • Brokering Notes

  • Where to buy notes

  • Is it a good deal?

  • Foreclosure timelines and costs

  • Note vs Mortgage

  • What is in a collateral file

  • Finding a mentor

  • 1st vs 2nd’s

  • Note vs CFD vs REO

  • Bid Calculator

Beginner Series

Current Needs and Issues

Real Estate Mortgage Note Investing can be overwhelming and many new note investors are looking for a single course that covers a broad range of different topics within the note investing space, while learning online.

Many courses are expensive, long winded, and do not get straight to the point, not to mention the many gaps in note education between learning and purchasing your first note. Most courses just have a linear agenda with no additional topics being added to the course. We see this as lacking CRITICAL information.

Our Solution

Our goal is not only to help fresh, new investors learn the basics and get started making their own investments, but also to help current investors fill any gaps in their education, by providing vast areas of education, in a clear, concise course. We see many investors price assets way too high to only be in a spot a few months later and realize their original numbers were off causing them to lose money, and leave the note investing space fairly quickly. This also affects the market, as sellers will then expect these higher bid amounts. Overall it is not a good picture to portray on the note investing space and we are looking to change that.