Create Valuable Sellable Real Estate Notes

JKP Live Webinar Call

Did you know… 

  • If you created a real estate promissory note you can cash out some or all of the note and sell it to a note buyer?
  • The Note Buyer’s discount percentage depending greatly on how the note is structured and other factors.

Looking to Increase the Value of your Note?

We cover how all these affect the Discount a Note Buyer will Pay for your Note

  • Servicing fees
  • Interest Rate
  • Term of Note
  • Location of Property
  • Borrower paying fees
  • Type of security instrument
  • Down Payment %
  • Type of Property
  • LTV
  • RMLO (for owner occupied)

What Topics Will be Covered

JKP will be hosting a Live Call to walk through the steps of creating a sellable Real Estate note for the most money!

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