JKP’s Note Investing Senior Level Mastermind

Designed for Note Investor with Experience

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JKP Investment Community

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JKP Investment Community

This membership is designed for experienced Note Investors who are looking to share, learn and grow together.  This group will give every investor to have somewhere to learn and lean on for answers and support.Some investors may call this a Real Estate Note Investing Mastermind.  Our Pods meetings while be weekly alternating between education and intentions.  They both will include education and support.  As a member you will have access to previous videos and ability to connect with smaller group of investors.


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What is a Pod?

What to expect?

JKP Note Investing Investment Community

Live Zoom Calls

  • Exclusive Education
  • Support to answer all your questions
  • Live Special Guests

Offline Support

  • Review all previous zoom meetings
  • Exclusive opportunity to use new tools
  • Discounts on Tools/ Services


  • Accountability
  • Comradery
  • On-going Support

JKP Note Investing Community

Current Needs and Issues

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or do not know where to with note investing?  Looking for a quick answer but long term support?

Our Solution

Our goal is to help investors fill that gap by providing vast areas of education.  

Behind every successful investor is a group of close friends that are there to support, encourage and provide answers