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Current Need and issues

JKP’s Due Diligence and Resource Portal will assist you in gathering Rental Average, Local REO Experienced Agents, and over 60 Property/Borrower possible Data points; including multiple AVMs, Property demographics, Foreclosure and Listing information.

Replace BPOS with REO Agents

Current Needs and Issues

      When it comes to REO Agents, there can definitely be some hurdles to finding the right one. You need to contact a local agent who has experience with bank owned properties in order to obtain a value or assist in rehabbing and selling the property.

      You also need an agent for a local Property Price Opinion and drive by.

       It can often be difficult to find a local agent. First you need to search an area for an agent who has sold a property, however they may not have any understanding or knowledge of what a banked owned property is, so education is needed. Or you locate an REO agent but don’t have contact information.

Our Solution

Using our automated due diligence system, instead of spending hours on end searching,  in a matter of minutes you can locate multiple REO Experienced Agents who are local to the property.

Real Estate Property Information Automated

Our Solution

With our system, not only can you do all of this in just a few minutes, you can bulk upload entire lists of addresses and capture any one of the different available data products.

Current Needs and Issues

The process to capture property information is an important part of due diligence, but is slow due to needing to search multiple sites to capture:

  • Property data
  • Foreclosure data
  • Sales information
  • Property valueThen take that information and organize it in a neat format.

Then you have to repeat the process for every property you need to evaluate. On top of time spent, the process can often cause user data errors.

Rental Average

Current Needs and Issues

You first have to get an idea of what the average rental for a property goes for in the area.

You have to search multiple sites to capture rentals within a certain range for bedroom, bathroom and sq ft, then find each one of their sale/listed amounts, and finally track and calculate the average.

Our Solution

Bulk Upload

Our Solution

You can upload a bulk list of addresses and matter of minutes have a solution.

Current Needs and Issues

Needing to run addresses one by one to capture any one of the different available data products

This can be a very time consuming process to find all information on a single property without any errors