Top 10 Where To Buy Notes

Where to buy Notes

Where to Buy Notes

Top 10 places to find notes for sale

Where to buy notes

*We discuss this in our Note Investing Beginner Series.* and go into greater details in our Advanced Note Education Class.

  1. Directly from banks and other financial institutions
  • Positives: Access to a large pool of notes, potential for good deals.
  • Negatives: Can be difficult to navigate, difficult to get a hold of the decision maker. Competition from other buyers.  Often the list is not organized well and has factories, churches, schools etc within the list.
  1. Online marketplaces (JKP Notes for Sale, Facebook Marketplace)
  • Positives: Easy access to a wide range of notes, ability to search and filter by specific criteria, streamlined purchase process.
  • Negatives: High competition from other buyers, risk of fraud or scams, may not be able to inspect the notes in person.
  1. Note brokers
  • Positives: Can provide access to off-market deals, may have more expertise in the note industry, can offer advice and guidance.
  • Negatives: Fees or commissions may be high, risk of working with an unscrupulous broker.  Unsure if they are direct or not.
  1. Note investment funds (JKP asset list)
  • Positives: Offers the potential for diversification and professional management of your investments, access to larger deals.
  • Negatives: May require a higher minimum investment, less control over individual investments.
  1. Social Media – (Facebook groups
  • Positives: Easy access to a variety of note investment opportunities, ability to invest in small increments.
  • Negatives: May not offer as much control or transparency as other options, may not be available in all states.
  1. Note auctions
  • Positives: Can offer good deals, opportunity to bid on specific notes.
  • Negatives: Can be highly competitive, limited opportunities to inspect notes before bidding.
  1. Mortgage servicers
  • Positives: Can offer access to a large pool of performing notes, may have more flexibility in negotiation.
  • Negatives: May require a minimum purchase size, competition from other buyers.
  1. Other Note Investors
  • Positives: Can offer access to notes at a discount, often with less competition than other sources.
  • Negatives: Limited availability, may require navigating a complex process.
  1. Distressed homeowners
  • Positives: May offer the opportunity to buy notes at a discount and help homeowners at the same time.
  • Negatives: Limited availability, potential legal and ethical concerns.
  1. Private sellers/Owner Finance
  • Positives: Can offer the opportunity to negotiate directly with the seller, potentially offering good deals.
  • Negatives: Limited availability, potential for fraudulent or unscrupulous sellers.

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