Building Confidence in Note Investing

Our Mission:
Develope each investor’s confidence in Note Investing through knowledge, experience, tools, resources and networking.

New Note Investors often take a beginner “Freshman” note education course and then attempt to start buying notes only to find themself lacking of confidence to close on a note. Confidence comes from knowledge, experience and your network.

Nathan Turner and Dave Putz have over 25 years of combined experienced with note investing.  We realize confidence and networking are the keys to successful investing.  This intense weekly class for those who have already got a foundation of knowledge but are looking to get the level.

What to Expect:

  • Sessions will last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Deep dive into each subject along with tools and resources to support the topic.
  • Weekly Homework to reinforce the weekly topic
  • Private Tools and Resources which have never been provided before

There is an extremely limited number of seats available so secure your spot TODAY!

*Scroll to the bottom to see the Weekly Topics and Resources.*

This class series was perfect!  I been through other “master level” Note Investing Classes but this class surprised me on what I did not know!  In addition to the many of the tools I never had before!  Highly recommend to any Note Investor who is looking to go to the next level.

D.G. / October Class

I was concerned with the price and that I have taken other 10 week classes before but I took a chance.  I was very happily surprised at the content and the knowlege!  I am now confident to dive into any note situation I come across!

I also now have a Non-Performing Note Bid Calculator!

C.H. / October Class

After taking roughly a year off to take care of personal issues, I am looking to get back to where I want to be.

Your video lessons were the perfect lessons to get the blood flowing again and I look forward to learning more from you.

R.R. / November Class

Weekly Topics

  • Mindset:  Knowing your goals & Filtering down tapes
  • “Note Math” – Understanding the calculations behind Note Investing
  •  Building a bid calculator – bidding based on desired returns and avoiding pitfalls
  • Steps in Due Diligence:  Pre- Bid and Post – Bid
  • Manging your assets
  • Managing your Service Providers/ Teams (10 week only)
  • Taking the Next Step (10 week only)
  • Advanced Bankruptcy Knowledge and Strategies (10 week only)
  • Advanced Strategies: Partials, Creating Notes, REO and more… (10 week only)

Resources & Tools

  • Note Flow Chart
  • Performing Note Calculator
  • 13 Items to ask every seller (10 week only)
  • Understanding Headers on a Tape
  • Bankruptcy Fees Chart
  • State Specific Resources/Charts
    • Non-Contested Expected Foreclosure Timeframe
    • Foreclosure Fees (Attorney and Court)
    • Debt Licenses (10 week only)
    • Statute of Limitations (10 week only)
    • What are Collectible FC Fees (10 week only)
    • HOA Superlien (10 week only)