How Our Bid Calculator Works For You

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How Our Bid Calculator Works For You


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What To Bid?

Investing in real estate mortgage notes? Do you know which assets will be profitable, and how much you should bid? Finding those answers isn’t easy. You’re struggling with searching out data and information, formulas, searching through lookup tables, essentially putting together your own bid calculator. There are so many details, it’s easy to miss something.  And the next thing you know, you’ve lost an opportunity—or you’ve placed the wrong bid, on an asset that won’t perform. At JKP Holdings, we understand. We have been investing in mortgage notes since 2010. In 2014, we created a powerful new tool that helped us to take control, reduce our risk, expedite our process and improve our returns. 

How It Works

Just set a few variables, like your desired return on foreclosures and auctions, or desired return on a performing note. Simply copy and paste the input tape spreadsheet headers and data. Then match the Input Tape spreadsheet Headers to one of our Calculator terms through our drop down.  Then be sure to enter in your estimated property valuation and annual property taxes. Then, decide which assets you’d like to analyze.

Immediately return to the Bid Calculator tab and review the response. You can change your variables or set a Manual bid to see what happens.  Within the calculator you can see the expected return, based on the bid, in the different exit strategies. In addition we provide you a list of both Servicers and Attorneys service the state the asset is in!

Stop struggling.  Stop guessing.  Stop leaving your Bid and return on investment to chance.  

Analyze all the assets you want, and get all the answers you need, quickly, easily, and accurately.  Invest your way to success, with the Bid Calculator, from JKP Holdings.

5 Steps of Pre-Bid Due Diligence

We look forward to helping you become a Successful Note Investor!  Get access to our free E-Book on the first 5 Due Diligence Steps before making any bid offer.  Fill in your information below!

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