How can the bid calculator help me?

Current Needs and Issues

Investors need a method where they can quickly go from a tape of assets and evaluate what their bid amount should be given the returns they desire.  They need to account for time frame, costs and loan details.

Building a calculator is overwhelming and not sure what needs to go into it.  Sometimes calculations can be confusing.  Unsure of state timelines or what expenses are expected is always a worry.  Often investors will take short cuts and then bid based on Percent of BPO or UPB or based on Yield, this leads to disaster. If you do build a calculator what happens if you forget to copy paste something in or you copy it in incorrectly?

Our Solution

JKP Bid Calculator solves all this.  Through lookup tables, State timelines, and setting your own variables you create your own calculator without doing the work.  In addition you can go through each loan and quickly see what you should bid or adjust the bid to see what happens.  This not only saves time but reduces errors. 

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Get updates on the Launch

As you know we have been buying notes since 2010. We created this calculator to automate your bid calculation. It is geared towards first and bid based on desired returns, not % of UPB/BPO.

If you would like to create a calculator for you please let us know by completing this form. Thank you!