Current Needs and Issues

Investors need a method where they can quickly take a tape of assets and evaluate what a good bid amount should be given the returns they desire. This needs to account for time frame, costs, and loan details.

Do you know which assets will be profitable, and how much you should bid? You’re struggling with searching out data and information, formulas, searching through lookup tables, essentially putting together your own bid calculator. There are so many details, it’s easy to miss something.  And the next thing you know, you’ve lost an opportunity—or you’ve placed the wrong bid, on an asset that won’t perform.

Our Solution

Just set a few variables, like your desired return on foreclosures and auctions, or desired return on a performing note, and copy and paste the input tape spreadsheet headers and data. Then match the Input Tape spreadsheet Headers to one of our Calculator terms through our drop down.  Then enter in your estimated property valuation and annual property taxes. Finally, decide which assets you’d like to analyze.

Immediately return to the Bid Calculator tab and review the response. You can change your variables or set a Manual bid to see what happens.  Within the calculator you can see the expected return, based on the bid, in the different exit strategies.

In addition we provide you a list of both Servicers and Attorneys service the state the asset is in!

Purchase Package

First 10 addresses are Free. Also with the purchase of our beginner’s course we are offering free 15 min consultation walk through.

Try the Calculator for Free

As you know we have been buying notes since 2010. We created this calculator to automate your bid calculation. It is geared towards first and bid based on desired returns, not % of UPB/BPO.

If you would like to create a calculator for you please let us know by completing this form. Thank you!