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Are you looking for help or do you have questions regarding a situation with a note? Do you simply need a second pair of eyes on a deal? Schedule a consulting session with JKP Holdings.


JKP Holdings holds free and paid webinars covering all areas of note investing as well information regarding state of the market.

JKP Portal

An automated due diligence tool to assist you in gathering Rental Average, Local REO Experienced Agents, and over 60 Property/Borrower possible Data points; including multiple AVMs, Property demographics, Foreclosure and Listing information.

Sell Your Note

JKP Holdings purchases seller financed, land contracts and bank originated mortgages nationwide. We do our best to return a response within 24-48 hours, except for weekends and holidays.

Indicative Offers

This is the list of 13 questions we use when submitting a bid to a Seller. These questions ensures you receive all the needed items to complete your due diligence and reduce the back and forth between you (the Buyer) and the Seller.

Tape Headings and Bid Calculator

You asked, we answered with this list. We are constantly asked what goes into the creation of a Bid Calculator. We compiled our list of must have items to bid smart and not over bid.

Beginner Video Series

Welcome to our new beginner video series. JKP is not looking to become a “guru” but instead we want to share our investment experience with other note investors. We have over 10 years of experience purchasing notes and have noticed in recent years a large number of investors, who have had education, are still uncovering gaps within their costly education. Please join us to learn more about our beginner video series and how it can help you.