What is a pod?

Pods are small groups that meet regularly for added support & accountability


Pod calls are opportunity to build even deeper relationships and work through challenges together in a small group setting (4-7 people).  You can celebrate your wins together. When you feel stuck, you can lean into the group for support. Sometimes other members will be able to help you directly or will have a resource to connect you to. Other times, they will know someone who you can reach out to.

On pod calls, you can dive deeper, and really get into the nitty gritty of what everyone is working on. Everyone can teach you something regardless of their experience level. And the process of presenting your strategy and answering questions can help you clarify what you want and what you need to do to get there.

Establishing trust & transparency is critical for getting useful feedback from your pod. The more honest and open you are willing to be about where you are, the more your pod can help you. You and your pod can consider signing an additional non-disclosure agreement it will make you & your pod more comfortable with sharing financial information on calls.


Pods are for holding yourself and others accountable to what you say you are going to do. You are here to help each other take massive, focused action. Pods work best when you care too much about each other’s success to accept excuses.

There are few ways to approach holding each other accountable (hint: you can do more than one):


  • Track action items from each call and follow up to see if each member did what they said they would do. (See supporting materials for a couple suggestions for tracking accountability items).


  • Extreme Accountability – Set rewards/consequences. Really hold each other’s feet the fire. 


  • Gamify it: Create a pool of money and a point system for every goal hit or missed. The person at the end of the year gets the pool (idea credit: Greg DeTullio).


  • Challenge each other! A big benefit of meeting with the same group over time, is you start to see/hear their limiting beliefs and patterns. Creating a pod culture that includes a healthy dose of challenge is hugely beneficial for each member’s growth and can lead to major perspective shifts. 
    • Calling BS can be immensely helpful for pushing each other forward. Calling someone out on a story or excuse is another way of saying “No, I care about you too much to let you live in that story of why you can’t do it or didn’t get it done…” 
    • Questions themselves can be a very effective form of challenge. 
      • What is really the challenge for you here?
      • What else can you try? What else?
      • What have you tried before? Are you open to a suggestion? 
      • Can I dig deeper here? 
      • How?