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We launched our Note Beginner’s video series!  Below is the link and topics in the series.

The video series includes topics:
            • Investing in Distressed Mortgage Notes
            • Difference between a Note and Mortgage
            • Difference between 1st and 2nd
            • Where to buy notes
            • Is it a good deal – Know your numbers
            • Getting into smaller deals
            • Brokering Notes
            • Biggest Issue any new note investor should avoid
            • How to find and choose a mentor
            • Exit Strategies – Who’s in Control
            • Bidding and Returns ROI, Yield, IRR
            • Foreclosure Timelines and Costs
            • Due diligence
            • What is in a Collateral File
            • Worse Deal
            • Bid Calculator Walkthrough
            • Note Investing Due Diligence Portal Manual Vs Automated

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