Have you Owner Financed or Seller Financed a property and hold the note?

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**You can only sell a note or borrow against a note you are the lender on!**

Have you owner financed or seller financed a property and hold a note?

(Borrowing) is a fancy word meaning Using your note as collateral to Borrow against.  You maintain ownership of the note and our security is the note you have with your borrower.  

This means you continue to collect payments from your borrower and if it is a Subject-to / wrap note, you continue to pay the underlying lien.  We decide how much the monthly payment is to us and for how many months.  Great way to unlock Equity!

For Wrap Notes / Subject-to, you would collect payments from your wrap buyer and make payments to us directly and the underlying mortgage.  Oftentimes we are able to lend you enough money to pay off that underlying lien!