JKP Holdings 3 Webinar Tape Breakdown Workshop series





Dave Putz and Shante Duffy are excited to announce that in 2019 we will be hosting our Tape Breakdown Workshop.  Together we have 15 collective years in the note space experience in both Servicing and Note Investing. In this 3 series webinar hands on workshop, we are providing you a LIVE over- the-shoulder look into our process of how we evaluate notes to purchase from a current active tape; our entire what, how and why process from receiving a tape to using our ROI Calculator to determine a responsible calculated bid.  This workshop is designed to assist lenders with building THEIR OWN Bid/ROI calculator. We also will be showing you how we use Automation to save on time without cutting corners. 

We will be showing you how we break down tapes starting from explaining the columns on each tape, what they mean and how they affect our bid.  We will then show you how we research and determine both property value and current situation. 

We will be talking about the borrower and their status. We are going to take a look at the status of the property taxes, foreclosure status, and if the borrower has filed bankruptcy, and how all of these items affect our purchase price.

We will also talk to you about what  ROI Calculator is, what we put into it and what scenarios we pay attention to.  We will share with you what data from the tape we put into our ROI calculator to ensure we make responsible, unemotional return driven bids.